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Paula Molina

Journalist, Radio news broadcaster, Master of Public Policy and Harvard Nieman Fellow ’13, I’ve worked for 20 years on the creation and development of editorial projects for digital, legacy, independent and mainstream media. I’ve lead and work as a team member on rock fanzines, newspapers, magazines, national and television news radio programs, podcasts and, recently, and awarded news robot.

At Radio Cooperativa – Chilean prestigious national news station- I host and edit «Hablando De,» a daily live radio show covering topical subjects related to immigration, poverty, politics, and economy.

Every day, I’m part of the discussion panel of prime time newscast «El Diario de Cooperativa.» I also host «Temporal de Documentales,» first free online cycle of Chilean documentaries.

At Cooperativa, I’ve also worked on the creation of the news show «Lo Que Queda del día» and «La Historia Es Nuestra.»

Since 2014, I write interviews and articles for BBC Mundo, Spanish site of the BBC World News Service.

I am a co-founder — with journalists Andrea Insunza and Francisca Skoknic — of Robot LaBot, Chile’s first news chatbot. LaBot received the Excellence in Journalism Award 2018 given by Alberto Hurtado University and was one of the grantees of the «Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists 2018 « at the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) for the development of journalistic projects created by women.

I’m the host and co-founder of independent podcast La Franja, along with playwright Andrés Kalawski, screenwriter Daniel Villalobos and journalist Aldo Schiappacasse.

I am the author of the e-book «Lights on the South,» where I wrote about Chile as a learning space in areas like oceanography, biology, astrophysics, resilience, education. I am now working on the Spanish edition of the book.

In 2014, along with Nieman fellows Alex García, Ludovic Blecher and Borja Echevarría, we created the app !nstant as a project for theNews and Participatory Media course, taught by Ethan Zuckerman at MIT. After presenting their idea at the Civic Media Conference at MIT in June 2013, we received a Knight Foundation grant to develop a fully functioning prototype of the open-source app.

In 2015, I received the «Elena Caffarena Award,» honoring Chilean suffragist and feminist Elena Caffarena, and in 2017, the «Women’s Energy Award.» Public and private institutions have also recognized my work as a contribution to the empowerment of women (2018) and the coverage of poverty (2010) and environmental issues (2009). In 2003, I was distinguished as Radio female presenter by the Chilean Association of Performance Reporters.

I am a Councilor at «Comunidad Mujer,» Chilean independent organization dedicated to promoting women’s rights.

I graduated at Universidad de Chile School of Journalism, which recognized me as Outstanding Graduate in 2015.